Tuesday , August 4 2020
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Minnesota Brewery Is Making a CBD-Infused Beer


Finnegans Brew Co. has launched a full spectrum CBD-infused beer in Minnesota. The key to making the beer, according to brewer Ryan Mihm, is a special dilution process.

The dilution process allows the CBD oil to blend well with other ingredients in the beer, Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported. The pale ale is hoppy tasting with a little pine in the background due to the blend of chinook hops and Citra. The flavor also has hints of citrus.

Each pint contains about 13 mg of CBD.

Mihm said, “When something starts in all the different states, it’s kind of like the Wild West of how to treat it. Brewers around the country are pushing the boundaries of what to do with it.”

The beer has 5.5% alcohol by volume and its International Bittering Units (IBU) comes in at 50.