Monday , July 13 2020
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Minnesota Dispensaries Report Combined Loss of $2.4 Million for 2018

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Only 2 companies in Minnesota are licensed to produce and manufacture medical marijuana products for the state’s patients, and both have reported a combined loss of $2.4 million for 2018.

Minnesota Medical Solutions reported a loss of $610,000 and LeafLine Labs $1.8 million, according to KTSP 5 News. With the state having only 2 licensed companies to produce medical marijuana products, it doesn’t allow for much competition. This is partially responsible for the prices of medical marijuana products remaining high for the state’s patients.

One parent says that her son’s medical marijuana prescription costs between $500 and $600 per month, but the family can’t afford that cost.

Marijuana flower isn’t allowed in the state, which is another reason that the cost is so high.

State Representative Rod Hamilton is a medical marijuana patient himself. He said, “I think using the marijuana flower as an option to the more expensive oils could be huge. Other states have introduced the flower option and they have seen costs go down by almost half.”

Neither LeafLine Labs or Minnesota Medical Solutions have any plans to close or stop making medicine available to the state’s registered medical marijuana patients. LeafLine Labs said it saw a profit in 2019 of around $222,000 – which is a step in a positive direction.