Monday , May 25 2020
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Forbes Predicts Minnesota as Next to Legalize Recreational Marijuana


Forbes has included Minnesota among the states most likely to legalize marijuana in 2019. Democratic governor-elect Tim Walz supports legalization. Democrats control the House.

Walz also supports expunging criminal records for those convicted of low-level marijuana crimes, according to KTSP 5 News. Political expert David Schultz contradicts what Forbes says. Schultz indicates that legalization is likely still a “long shot” in the 2019 legislative session.

Schultz said, “There are quite a few questions that will need answering before the final proposed legislation is written. They will have to determine how legalization will work, first of all, because it could be just personal use, like Alaska, or commercial use for tax purposes.”

Legislation is expected to be introduced in the new legislative session.

Schultz predicts that some movement will occur when he said, “I think, if I had to guess, this year will be putting the process in place and fine-tuning the legislation. This is something lawmakers will not be inclined to rush and they will want to make sure they’ve vetted this thoroughly before they vote.”