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Synthetic Marijuana Is Causing Major Issues in Minnesota


It was reported that 42 people came into Minneapolis-area emergency rooms for K2, a synthetic marijuana, overdoses in a span of just 72 hours. At the Hennepin County medical Center, Dr. Jon Cole is a toxicology and emergency room doctor. The poison control center has been flooded with calls about the synthetic marijuana.

Minneapolis appears to be that geographical location for this round of spikes in K2 overdoses, according to CBS Local Minnesota. The outbreak of overdoses began last week. Near the Nicollet Mall light rail station, there were at least four overdose calls.

Dr. Jon Cole said, “In the last 72 hours, we’ve had at least 40 cases of K2 overdose. Historically in Minnesota, when we have seen spikes since it first appeared in 2009 they usually last from days to weeks and tend to be concentrated in one geographical location.

K2’s composition changes. By the time the latest formula can be figured out, along with the manufacturer, a new chemical formula is created.

Dr. Cole said, “There are untold number of effects that are very, very different than typical marijuana intoxication or overdose with anything that is labeled K2.”

One formula of K2 is known to leave users agitated with an increased heart rate and potential seizures or episodes of violent behavior.

Dr. Cole also said, “Another version of it emerged that tended to cause kidney failure. We’ve seen isolated incidents that are clearly attributed to K2 resulting in either strokes or heart attacks.”

The only course of action for doctors is to treat those overdosing until the K2 is out of their systems. For some, it’s a matter of hours and for others, it may take days for the chemicals to leave the body.