Saturday , June 15 2019
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Marijuana Legalization Support Grows Among Minnesota Democrats


Of those running for Minnesota Governor, five Democratic candidates support legal recreational marijuana. All of the supporting candidates say it’s time for Minnesota to tax and legalize recreational use. It was just as controversial a topic now as it was when medical marijuana was legalized.

Walz has been adamant about not supporting federal legalization if it’s done through Congress, according to KTSP 5 News. One candidate, Representative Erin Murphy, used to work in the healthcare field, she supports recreational legalization too.

U.S. Representative Tim Walz said, “I think we can put a regime in place that regulates, that taxes this, that educates folks, that home grows here, keeps the big pot growers out.”

Representative Erin Murphy said, “As a nurse I have certainly prescribed and dispensed medications much stronger than medical marijuana, much stronger than recreational marijuana. I think we can do it and do it well.”

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said, “I do support the legalization of marijuana. I think we have real world examples in other states across the United States of America. It’s working. It’s a revenue source. It’s dealing with the disparities we see in the criminal justice system.”

Representative Lisa Liebling has already introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. She reminded the group of 74 at the Chamber event about her legislation.

Representative Liebling said, “I have been a supporter of legalizing marijuana for quite some time. I have a bill filed in the legislature with a comprehensive policy about how we could do this that would work its way through the legislature, and that then the people would vote on it to put it in the constitution.”