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Poll at MN State Fair Finds Majority Support Marijuana Legalization

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The 2017 Minnesota State Fair saw a record number of attendees. Of them, roughly 7,100 took a few minutes to complete a survey requested by the Minnesota House of Representatives, and theresults may shock lawmakers.

Just over 50% of responders said they would support recreational marijuana legalization in Minnesota, according to City Pages. The state does have a medical marijuana program, but it is quite restrictive. New qualifying conditions are added annually, but it is a process to get those conditions added.

The latest numbers show that nearly 8,800 Minnesota residents have been approved for the state’s medical marijuana program. Not everyone is using the program actively though. Of the approved, 6,600 use the program actively.

The program has seen an increase in physician/healthcare provider participation as just under 1,000 have registered with the state to write recommendations.

During the poll, only 39.7-percent of participants said they don’t support recreational marijuana and 9.7-pecent aren’t sure.

Sixty-six percent of those polled say that the age of 21 is a good age limit for recreational marijuana use. This is the same age those polled think people should be to purchase tobacco products.

The House of Representatives considers this poll to be “unscientific” and are just using it as a reference to see where the state’s residents are on particular topics – including recreational marijuana.