Tuesday , June 25 2019
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Governor Dayton Says He’ll Never Allow Marijuana Legalization

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Minnesota recreational marijuana advocates have a hurdle to cross as Governor Dayton says he won’t allow recreational marijuana. In a recent interview with MPR during the Minnesota State Fair, he commented that it isn’t happening. The Governor continued by listing issues coming from drug abuse, but the focus was on opioids and other drugs.

According to the governor, increasing availability of marijuana makes things go in the wrong direction, MPR News reports. Minnesota has seen some bills calling for full legalization, but they go nowhere in the Legislature.

Governor Dayton said, “If somebody wants to use marijuana, go visit California or Colorado. But don’t bring it back here. But I don’t see it as improving the quality of life of those societies.”

A younger audience member was going to ask a follow up question, but before he could ask it, the governor said, “When I was your age I wouldn’t have agreed with it either.”

Governor Dayton is 70-years old and some believe his views are not in line with society, or many in his home state.