Saturday , July 20 2019
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New Bill Would Legalize Recreational Marijuana in Minnesota


Senator Melisa Franzen and Representative Mike Freiberg introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota. Passage of this legislation would be a massive step forward for the state. The state’s current medical marijuana program is extremely restrictive.

Data shows Minnesota bringing between $200 and $300 million a year in tax revenue from legalization, reports Minnesota CBS Local. Those that oppose the legislation say it isn’t a priority for them. They also claim that recreational marijuana legalization leads to impaired driving.

Senator Franzen said, “Our focus in drafting legislation to end the prohibition of cannabis in Minnesota is to ensure we have a responsible regulatory model for consumer access that still provides for public health, safety and welfare. The time has come for us to have this debate.”

Governor Tim Walz has already commented that if the legislation makes it to his desk, he’ll sign recreational marijuana into law.