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Hemp to Become Huge Crop for Minnesota Farmers


Minnesota allows for industrial hemp cultivation. The state reports having 41 farmers participating in the state’s pilot program. Including hemp legalization in the final 2018 Farm Bill could help the state increase its production and put more hemp-based products in retail outlets.

The climate in Minnesota is ideal for growing hemp, according to Agri News. It has the potential to be one of the state’s leading crops – like soybeans and corn. Hemp fiber was once used in Levi’s jeans, which adds to its list of viable uses in today’s eco-conscious society.

Andrea Vaubel of the Department of Agriculture said, “Hemp has potential, but it’s in a very weird area.”

Hemp cultivator Paul Frank said, “It would be a game-changer for Minnesota farmers. It would be huge.”

Farmer John Strohfus also sees the potential for hemp to be huge for himself and other Minnesota farmers.

Strohfus said, “I could see where General Mills would say they want 40,000 pounds a week. I think this has a huge upside.”