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Minnesota Senator Wants a Third Marijuana Company to Open


Senator Scott Dibble wants a third medical marijuana provider to be licensed in Minnesota. Senator Dibble penned the current medical marijuana law. Due to recently reported financial difficulties with LeafLine Labs, the Senator is concerned with patient access to ample supply.

Minn-Med is available to patients now, but Dibble would like to see a bit more competition in the state so that issues like that with LeafLine Labs can be avoided, KTSP 5 News reports. Between 2015 and 2017, LeafLine reported losses of over $12-million to the Minnesota Department of Health. The company’s CEO, Andrew Bachman, announced his separation from the company and the entire board is also set for replacement.

Senator Dibble said, “I am just scratching my head a little bit and I am concerned. Right now, we have two licensed medical marijuana dispensers, but if LeafLine were to go bankrupt, it would put thousands of patients in a tight spot.”

Senator Dibble said, “I think having a third company licensed in Minnesota would provide more competition and improve the quality of the medications. And if one company closes for financial, or other reasons, it would be better to have that third company to cover those patients.”

The Minnesota Department of Health is monitoring the issue and vows to ensure that all patients have ample access to their medicine.

Minn-Med reported a profit for 2017, so Senator Dibble is confused as to why LeafLine Labs has not profited yet.

He said, “It is hard to know why, because LeafLine’s revenues are increasing. But obviously, some things are not turning out the way they hoped and we have to take a look at the entire program and a third medical marijuana license might be helpful in the future.”

LeafLine patient Kellie Casey says that the products she’s purchased from the dispensary have aided her PTSD and anxiety. She’s also concerned about the future of the company.

Casey said, “It is just a lot of anxiety wondering if they are going to be open from one day to the next. It is something I am worried about because I do not know what my options are and I do not want to start the whole process over again.”

Information regarding when discussions will begin regarding the addition of a third medical marijuana provider has not been mentioned yet.