Monday , January 21 2019
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Study Finds Medical Marijuana Does Relieve Patients’ Pain

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A recently released report by the Minnesota Department of Health (DOH) indicates that at least 4 of every 10 chronic pain patients have achieved some level of relief after medical marijuana use. Following pain assessments by more than 2,000 people before and after marijuana use, the results show that reduced their pain by at least 30-percent. The findings should be considered clinically meaningful.

Over 340 of those completing the assessment indicated that they’d used opioid medications, according to MPR News. Over half said they reduced or completely stopped using opioids within six months of starting medical marijuana.

Dr. Tom Arneson, research manager for the office of medical cannabis, said the research is a good place to start but a controlled study including placebos is necessary.

Dr. Arneson said, “It’s heartening to see that this fairly large proportion achieved that degree of reduction in their pain assessment score. We need more research into the potential value of medical cannabis in pain management, especially as our communities grapple with the harmful impacts of opioids and other medications now in use for that purpose.”