Tuesday , March 26 2019
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Minnesota Dispensary Doubles Visits After Sharing Users’ Stories

LeafLine Labs dispensaries launched a campaign to help locals learn more about medical marijuana. Real patient stories were shared to help educate those that are still on the fence about medical marijuana. The campaign launched focused on “firsts” experienced by patients after using the medicine.

Planning for this campaign began in October 2016, according to PR Week. Advertisements began circulating on the light rail transit system on June 5, 2017. There were also advertisements placed on bus shelters in the Minneapolis-St. Paul and surrounding areas. The first patient story was also published on Facebook that same day.

Emalie Wichman of Haberman said, “Our primary objective was to create awareness of the proven success of LeafLine Labs’ medicine and drive traffic to the LeafLine Labs website for patient journey information.”

In July 2017, the campaign expanded by releasing one of seven videos using paid advertising on Facebook. Those videos included the touching stories of three patients.

Wichman said, “The featured patients’ willingness to invite us into their lives to share their stories was profound and made a big impact on the work. Focusing on the patient stories humanized the campaign and helped us overcome any media partner hesitations.”

The campaign, Through More Firsts, generated almost 42,000 click-throughs to the LeafLine Labs website. The videos have been viewed almost 740,000 times on Facebook. Before the campaign, roughly 84 patients visited LeafLine Labs daily. At the end of the campaign, that number nearly doubled to about 150 patients coming in daily.