Sunday , June 16 2019
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Minnesota Hemp Farmer Says Regulation Changes Crucial to Success

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A Hastings industrial hemp farmer wants local lawmakers to make some changes to the state’s current hemp regulations. He wants some restrictions lifted that limit how his crop can be marketed and how it can be used. John Strohfus hosted a hemp-fueled breakfast recently to show the different ways hemp can be used in food.

Whole Foods is interested in the crop, mainly for hemp hearts and hemp oil, according to Hastings Star Gazette. Minnesota, however, has restrictions regarding how hemp farmers are allowed to market their products. One benefit is that Strohfus can market his hemp-fed cattle products as hemp steak.

He said, “We can’t market to Land O’ Lakes, who I’ve been basically all but lighting myself on fire outside their door and jumping up and down to say, ‘I need you guys to be interested in this because you’re a leader in the industry.’”

The farmer encourages legislation to move cannabidiol off of Schedule I status to require a prescription for cannabidiol and classify it as a nutraceutical. There is no THC in hemp CBD. Hemp CBD helps with muscle tension, inflammation and anxiety, among other symptoms of major health conditions.

Representative Tony Jurgens is on Strohfus’ side. He is willing to work with Strohfus to get hearings scheduled regarding the farmer’s concerns. In the process, Jurgens wants to raise industrial hemp awareness while educating others regarding the differences between hemp and marijuana.

Jurgens said, “The word around the nation is that Minnesota is really a leader when it comes to food resources, and I think this is just another product on top of soybean production, pork production and corn production. Now we have hemp production in there as well and Minnesota can really be a nationwide leader.”